About Us

Since 1931, we have been a “working club” with over 100 members from West Hartford and nearby towns. The whole club meets ten times each year, September to June, usually at noon on the first Thursday of the month. Our meetings, hands-on gardening projects, committee work, and other activities take place during the daytime.  At our monthly programs, world-class designers demonstrate their flower arranging talents; horticulturists give us the latest news about flowers, plants, weeds and pests; experts give presentations on famous gardens; and great gardeners give us suggestions we can use in our own gardens. Most of our monthly programs are open to the public. See schedule under “Open Meetings.”  We meet at noon for tea sandwiches and cookies, followed at 12:30 by a business meeting and the program at 1:00.

Every two years we sponsor a tour of local private gardens. The proceeds from ticket sales are used to benefit our community. We have planted gardens at public sites like Town Hall and several area schools. We maintain the Butler McCook historic gardens in Hartford and the garden at the Noah Webster House in West Hartford. We work with groups of adults and young people to teach them to grow plants and arrange flowers. We also cooperate with many other groups who share our vision for the community.

We welcome you to get involved in the West Hartford Garden Club.  For information about joining the Club, please [read more…] To attend open meetings, [read more…]

Greens Workshop 2016
Members participated in a vertical flower arranging class
in the fall of 2016
 February 11, 2016 PAVE Workshop