West Hartford Garden Club

 October 26, 2016
National Garden Clubs

(Received at the NGC Convention, May 2016)

Certificate of Appreciation for participation – West Hartford Garden Club Newsletter

Federated Garden Club of CT, Awards 2016

Silver Tray – Civic Development – Award of Excellence

The Club dazzles us with one of their many efforts for this year with the completion of the “Yellow Trail” located in the town-owned Rockledge Golf Club.  The new winter trail system was produced in collaboration with West Hartford Leisure Services.  The trail leads one and their dogs, too, to the different varieties of New England trees – all with markers for easy identification.  Specific to winter, a club-produced brochure encourages assessing the character (or absence) of leaves and growth habitat.

Horticulture – Certificate of Achievement

The West Hartford Garden Club maintains two historic gardens in town.  They have also started a Community Outreach Program to encourage composting including workshops and by the sale of compost bins.

Public Relations and Communications

Newsletter – First Place

Website – First Place

Yearbook Award of Excellence – First Place

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